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As a specialist branding agency with more than 25 years experience, we've developed brand names to successfully launch or reposition businesses across almost every conceivable category.

Why choose us to develop your brand name?

Brand naming is as much a science as it is creative endeavor. Our unique blend of disciplined brand strategy and creative ideation is perfectly suited to the craft of brand naming. However, it's our 25 years of positioning hundreds of brands carefully and confidently in their competitive markets that provides the all-important intuition for finding the perfect intersection of strategy and creativity.

Why work with Truly Deeply?

How much brand naming experience does Truly Deeply have?

With more than 25 years of creating brands we are one of Australia’s most experienced, specialist brand agencies. Over our time we’ve developed literally thousands of brands over almost every conceivable category giving us an extraordinarily broad grasp of different markets and audiences. For many of those brands we also crafted names for businesses, products, services, events, government and not-for-profit organisations.
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Why is Truly Deeply better at naming than other agencies?

Although we’re not normally one to blow our own trumpet, when it comes to branding we’re quietly confident in our capability. Brand naming requires a unique blend of brand strategy and creativity. Whilst every agency and his dog may claim brand naming in their services, these complimentary skills can only be found in specialist brand and naming agencies. And without bragging, we are one of just a handful of the best branding agencies in the country (OK, that sounded like we’ve been drinking our own bathwater).
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What does Truly Deeply's naming process deliver?

The short answer is ‘Certainty’. Our audience definition, market review and brand strategy process ensures the discipline necessary to make sure we consider all of the critical elements. Our experience in checking domian availability, trademark and local suitability is your insurance policy against unpleasant surprises. The long answer is a strategic framework that acts as a clear brief for naming, an initial long list of anywhere from 50 to 500 names, an top-line vetted short list of 6-10 names for consideration.
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Why our neutral view adds value to the naming process

It’s highly valuable to have a neutral facilitator in this often highly emotional process of developing a brand name. Our broad experience and status as an outsider can be of critical importance in providing a non-biased hand on the steering wheel. We’re not afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings and are guaranteed not to support a bad name just because it came from the CEO.
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How can you be guaranteed to be happy with the outcome?

Our agile branding process has been developed to provide certainty and comfort in the outcome of your brand naming. Our confidence is such that we also offer a guarantee of satisfaction. If at any stage of the process if you aren’t happy with the direction it is heading you’re free to walk away, only paying for the completed phases of the project – no contracts, no arguments, and no hassles.

Some of our brand naming case studies

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We believe

Not all brand names are born equal. Create an uneven playing field.

We believe

The most effective brand names have a powerful strategic intent.

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Great brand names have the potential to introduce your business to the world.

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