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Place brand development, identity, naming, campaign design and execution. Truly Deeply worked with Lend Lease to launch the new brand and campaign for Atherstone, a new community in Melbourne’s west.

We defined the brand strategy, created a new name, designed the identity, and executed the entire launch campaign. The result was a distinct brand that created an aspirational and compelling connection with the target audience and achieved outstanding results for the client.

The creative was driven by the brand essence ‘a haven to prosper’. The brand needed to stand out in the market and be truly memorable. The brand icon was a visual representation of a safe haven, emphasising the natural buffer to the surrounding area – one of the significant features of the location.

Atherstone Brandmark

A handcrafted logo-type added further distinction from the competitive set and a softness that appealed to the audience. The natural imagery was then extended into a visual language to create a brand with an attractive unassuming style.

“The brand identity and visual language took its cues from the environment illustrating a lifestyle that is both aspirational and attainable. Graphically, the identity reflects the landscape of creeks, wetlands and parklands.”  Truly Deeply Director of Design, Derek Carroll.

The launch campaign was wrapped around the communication proposition of ‘The Good Life’; a compelling brand story of an aspirational place to live in Melbourne, that is still within reach. This was then extended throughout all touch points into key messages to highlight the brand’s proof points or advantages.

The Truly Deeply team really understand how to build powerful place brands. They have beautifully captured our vision for Athestone and created a strong brand that is really connecting with the audience and generating some amazing results. In the first week we had an overwhelming 160% more leads than anticipated”. Cherie Chandler, Senior Marketing Manager, Lend Lease Communities.

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