Straight Bat

Straight Bat, a new breed Private Equity Fund brand

Straight Bat is a Private Equity Fund that plays the long game. They invest in “good” businesses, to deliver exceptional income, wealth preservation and wealth creation by enabling family business founders a smooth, successful and safe transition, allowing them to achieve life balance, preserve legacy, and realise the benefits and dreams of a life time's hard work.

The private equity market is mature with a number of long-running incumbent leaders. In an environment as dynamic as business, this landscape is particularly well suited to disruption. Enter Straight Bat, a PE fund led by a team defined by their unique combination of business track record and entrepreneurial smarts. The result is a PE business model with a clear idea of why, who and how they are planning to differentiate in the market.

Working with the business leaders we guided the process of translating business model into compelling brand proposition adding layers of brand definition to provide a brand framework with all the detail required to guide the launch and accelerated growth of this exciting new entrant into the P.E. market.

Once we had clarity on Straight Bat’s differentiated brand value proposition we assisted with developing the brand story, unique voice and messages for the brand. We then translated that brand positioning into a brief for the brand’s identity and visual language.

The brand identity for Straight Bat needed to be both evocative of the brand story and as unique as the business proposition whilst wrapping the brand in a visual language that would engage and appeal to the business’ core audience.

Whilst Straight Bat is in launch phase with much of the implementation to-come, we are so proud of the work we’ve created together with this inspiring client that we wanted to give you a sneak peak of the brand identity, some of the language and an indicative sense of the brand communications to-come.

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