Manbulloo, a brand for premium mangoes, avocados and exotic fruits

Manbulloo is a premium Australian grower of mangoes, avocados and exotic fruits.

Leading the way in Australian mango production since its establishment in 1982, Manbulloo has seven family-owned farms across Northern Australia and is the largest grower of Kensington Pride mangoes in the country.

Manbulloo is a premier supplier to Coles in Australia and also exports its fruit to select retailers in Asia and North America.


Our stakeholder research revealed a strong reputation within the industry as a leading grower of mangoes, especially the Kensington Pride variety. However, there was very little awareness of the brand with consumers. The category has also been traditionally averse to brands, with most fruits being marketed by the variety (sometimes a brand), not the brand of the producer.

Manbulloo wanted to create a brand that could engage consumers and ultimately drive preference for their product in retailers in Australia and overseas. With the company’s plans to diversify beyond mangoes, we also needed to leverage the company’s strong reputation for Mangoes into other premium exotic fruits.


The brand architecture strategy solution meant that a new consumer brand was required to achieve the brand vision.

The new consumer brand proposition evolved Manbulloo from the mango people to ‘passionate fruit people’ who are obsessive about flavour and dedicated to creating exciting fruit experiences.

We captured their essence and created a new evocative brand story that talks about their deep respect for people and nature and every step of our fruit’s journey. While provenance was a strong part of the narrative, this was dialed up with Australian symbolism for export markets.


The existing mango-inspired corporate brandmark was retained for B2B audiences. We then created a new consumer brandmark that was inspired by ‘fruitful adventures’. A colourful pattern was reflective of the tropics and the simplified fruit forms made for a clean and modern design. This was designed so that it could be modified and hero different fruit such as avocados and other exotics.

The new brand was also designed to make the unique but long name more memorable and easier to pronounce. This is particularly demonstrated with the stickers on the fruit. One of few consumer brand touchpoints instore, the small stickers provide very little real estate for the brand and we needed a way to stand out and create a strong impact.

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