Ellerton, a new aspirational address in Melbourne’s west.

Ellerton is a new master-planned residential community in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Offering unprecedented liveability, Ellerton is at the centre of a region that’s set to flourish. A unique fusion of cosmopolitan energy and natural beauty, it provides an idyllic lifestyle that wants for nothing.


Ellerton is located in one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia but also one of the most competitive in terms of new housing estates.

Surrounded by significantly larger and more established developments, Ellerton needed to find innovative ways to stand out without any unique or signature features of its own.

The opportunity was to draw on what surrounds Ellerton as well build a unique aspirational and attainable place brand that places residents at the centre of everything.


Ellerton is strategically positioned to align with the aspirations of its new residents.

The place proposition draws from its surroundings and the diversity and energy of its people to celebrate what it feels like to be at the heart of the bold new vision for Melbourne’s west.

The messaging draws on the brand’s pillars that shape an idyllic lifestyle that wants for nothing. Ellerton invites those looking to create their dream home to join the visionaries, share the aspiration and define their destiny.


Creating a unique name was important not only to help sell the land but also build a true sense of place for the future. We wanted to avoid the overused rural and natural terms but also we wanted it to strike a rural/urban balance and ensure it felt instantly familiar.

After creative ideation, crowdsourcing, and testing, Ellerton was selected. Unique and ownable, our audience immediately warmed to Ellerton and the name helped reinforce the brand as a vibrant, dynamic, and desirable address.


The identity deliberately blends a traditional brandmark with a very colourful visual language. Starting with a monogram capital ‘E’ developed from an ampersand expressing the added features from the development: More now & more to come.

This is paired with a vibrant floral visual language based on Australian natives expressed with an ethnically vibrant colourful palette. Creating a visually dynamic and attractive brand that plays on the mix of the key brand tenants of Discover and Celebrate.

Find out more about Ellerton here.

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