Zunia, a next generation education software brand

Education Horizons Group (EHG) is the leading ed-tech provider delivering a range of software solutions for school communities including Synergetic, SEQTA, Engage, AssetWhere and SchoolPRO.

Zunia is the group’s next generation product that is a first-of-its-kind end-to-end school experience and management solution. It brings together the best and most powerful functions of the group’s existing products into one intuitive platform.


Truly Deeply’s audience and stakeholder research identified strong loyalty and value in the group’s brands. However, with the Group brand being relatively new, the brand equity was firmly with the product brands, in particular Synergetic and SEQTA.

The research also highlighted each brand appealed to different user segments. Synergetic was preferred by administrators while SEQTA was liked most by teachers. Neither could best represent the new holistic offer. We needed a new brand approach that could change the market paradigm, appeal to traditionally very different user segments, and also leverage the brand equity of the group’s existing brands.


After extensive name development and checking, Zunia was chosen as the brand name. Short, distinctive and ownable and memorable, Zunia is unusual yet it feels instantly familiar and is easy to pronounce in many languages.

The brand is positioned as an exciting new benchmark for an end-to-end school management and experience solution but also firmly leverages the group’s experience. Importantly, while promoting this as an innovative new approach, the brand story clearly explains that Zunia is the next generation of both Synergetic and SEQTA.


Simple, friendly and approachable, the brand identity system represents the excitement of a new generation of connecting energy and movement in a balanced, grounded form.

Evolving, elevating and uniting, the icon is based on a striking ‘Z’ monogram with fluid connections between the elements. This visually references a platform that successfully connects all the elements and people that come to together to run a school.

Results & Feedback

Michael and the team at Truly Deeply were impressive from our very first meeting. Clearly demonstrating their experience and understanding of all things Brand, they continued to impress throughout the engagement. Leading us to an excellent outcome – Zunia.
Truly Deeply bring order and structure to the processes of developing a Brand. They were able to quickly outline the process, timing, costs and commitment required. This made it easy to secure the buy-in and engage our senior leadership team.
Zunia has been very well received from the outset. We chose to reveal the name first to the product developers, a tough group to impress as it was their baby that we were naming. Their reaction was unanimously positive and the same reaction has been repeated by each new group, from the Board to our client schools, as they have been introduced to the brand.

Paul Liddiatt​, Chief Marketing Officer
Education Horizons Group

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