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genU Training – Brand Refresh

genU Training is a nationally recognised market leader in the provision of training services to students, with a specific expertise in helping those who wish to transition into meaningful and sustainable employment.

The training organisation (RTO) is part of the broader genU group, a non-profit focused on building happier and healthier lives for people living with disabilities, the ageing and those experiencing disadvantage.

genU Training originally shared the same brand with the broader group but this was causing confusion with key audiences (internally and externally). Truly Deeply created a distinctive strategic proposition and refined brand identity for genU to differentiate its training offer and achieve its business goals.


Truly Deeply’s external and internal research identified strong alignment from employees, stakeholders, and customers. While the brand’s offer was strong, there were several challenges it was facing.

The genU name and identity were confusing and often misunderstood as a regional brand for the disabilities sector or young people. genU Training was often lost amongst the broader genU group and didn’t have a clear proposition for its training in the sector, for its clients or learners. The brand image was also not seen as professional or aspiration. The previous branding was also viewed as not reflective of the genU audience (sometimes even offensive).


After considering different brand architecture scenarios, we decided it was still essential to be part of the genU family. A family brand approach was chosen as it preserved the genU family connection, with the flexibility to tailor the brand to the unique training offer and audiences.

A new customer segmentation, specifically for the training business created four new audience groups. This enables genU Training to deliver a united brand but also tailor the offer and messaging to different segments, where needed.

A new and distinct brand promise for the RTO was developed. ‘Education for Good’ clearly defines the offer with a focus on a purpose-driven approach.

A new brand narrative, messaging, personality, and tone of voice helps genU Training to provide compelling differentiation as a training and education offer, but also from the broader genU organisation.

Truly Deeply also developed new brand values and a new belief system to refocus and guide the training organisation.

The new genU Training brand story now makes it clear what the brand does, how it is different, and why it exists.

Education that’s good for you and your community. genU Training is a successful not-for-profit that invests its surplus back into the community. We call it ‘profit for purpose’, so when you study with us, not only will you benefit, but you’ll also be helping others in your community.


In line with the new strategy, the genU Training brand identity needed to grow up, shed the more flippant elements of the identity, and project the professionalism that the audiences expected.

The brandmark was refined for clarity and legibility. The lockup was changed to balance better and remove the dated and cliched capital U worm.

The visual language also evolved to represent the abilities and qualifications the learners could achieve and the employers were looking for. This extended to the course information, now less gamified and more like a proper qualification.

With the updated brandmark and new simple-to-use visual language genU Training still has a generational connection to the main GenU brand, with enough differentiation that shows it takes itself and its audiences seriously.

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