Healthscope Employer brand and EVP

Healthscope, a leading private healthcare provider in Australia, faced a common challenge – its Employee Value Proposition (EVP) lacked differentiation from competitors.

Healthscope partnered with Truly Deeply to revitalise its EVP and create a compelling, authentic employer brand. The EVP is designed to attract and retain top talent, enhance the employee experience, and position Healthscope as an employment leader.


Healthscope had conducted some initial audience and stakeholder research on its EVP, identifying broad consensus but lacking clear anchors and market differentiation. Truly Deeply helped sharpen Healthscope’s EVP through a multi-phase process.

Through staff surveys and workshops, a consensus emerged around the three key areas of culture, flexibility, and career growth. However, while authentic, these themes failed to set Healthscope apart from other healthcare providers sufficiently.

To gain an external perspective, Truly Deeply reviewed competitor EVPs and mapped the market landscape. The analysis confirmed that most providers were indeed lacking meaningful differentiation in their employer branding. While ticking the boxes of what employees value in healthcare roles, the messaging was largely generic and unmemorable.


Building upon the staff-driven insights around culture, flexibility, and career growth, Truly Deeply defined three distinctive pillars and crafted compelling, authentic themes to unite them. After stress-testing the proposed themes with stakeholders and staff for resonance, the theme of “Means More” was selected as Healthscope’s new EVP anchor.

The three pillars became “Team Means More,” “Balance Means More,” and “Career Means More.” Messaging frameworks and proof points were developed for each pillar, culminating in the overarching positioning statement:

A career at Healthscope means more. Together, with leading health professionals you can advance healthcare and improve the lives of patients, their families and the community every day. Discover how teamwork, work-life balance and career growth means more with Healthscope.


To bring the “Means More” EVP to life visually, Truly Deeply created a branded graphic system anchored by a custom wordmark. Starting with a font reminiscent but also distinct from Healthscope’s corporate typeface, the “Means More” wordmark is softer, friendlier, and aesthetic. This versatile wordmark featured a simple word stack with a health cross embedded in the “o”, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with Healthscope’s logo.

The wordmark became the cornerstone for building EVP messaging through stacked copy like “Career Means More”, “Team Means More”, and “Because It Means More To Me”. Paired with an energised colour palette and aspirational imagery visualising what “means more” to employees, the system captured the EVP’s spirit.

Communication and activation

With the EVP visually articulated, an integrated rollout amplifying Healthscope’s new employer brand identity internally and externally is now in progress.

The EVP branding will cohesively unite communications across Healthscope’s careers website, employee intranet, social media channels, job advertisements, printed collateral like posters and banners for hospitals and job fairs, and other recruitment marketing assets.

If you are interested in developing a more distinctive and compelling employer brand or EVP, we’d be happy to help. Let’s chat!