La Tortilleria

La Tortilleria brand development

La TortillerĂ­a is a restaurant, a premium supplier to the Mexican food industry, and a range of consumer retail products.
Unlike many Mexican inspired brands in Australia, La Tortilleria is passionate about honouring the ancient culinary traditions of Mexico. They proudly honour real food, made with real ingredients & no shortcuts.


Truly Deeply worked with the owners to define the brand’s compelling differentiation and create an engaging brand story.

The new brand promise is Taste Real Mexican. This is supported by evocative messaging that emphasises the brand’s authentic and passionate approach to Mexican cuisine.


The brand identity had issues with legibility, and authenticity and had little visual language assets for packaging and social applications.

Truly Deeply updated the Brandmark, while keeping the Frida heritage element. A rich Frida-inspired collage of illustrative elements with a simple, authentic messaging hierarchy creates a unique look and feel across the venue and FMCG products.

The new brand identity was designed to be easily extended into social media and marketing.

Brand extension

As the business expands and opens new restaurants, the brand architecture strategy is to create unique names in line with their different offerings. The new restaurants still need to leverage the La TortillerĂ­a brand, so a brand endorsement framework has been created.

The first of the new restaurants is located in Highett, in Melbourne’s bayside area. We created a new name and identity for Chilpa, endorsed by La Tortilleria.

The visual language created for La TortillerĂ­a with an extended identity system was created to connect the brands while keeping a familial connection.

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