Findex Group

New brand identity and architecture for leading financial group

Findex is Australasia’s leading provider of integrated financial advisory and accounting services. The company has grown rapidly both organically and through acquisition of established finance brands.

The group is the largest independent financial provider in Australasia with 110 locations across Australia and NZ. As of 2016, they have more 250,000 clients and $17 Billion funds under advice.

The Challenge

The company needed to align staff with diverse geographies and cultures together as one family to achieve their group vision and strategic objectives.

Findex needed a potent and differentiated brand proposition for the group to realise their business ambition to be recognised as a leader in integrated finance solutions. The company also needed to ensure their clients understood the independent, flexible and tailored services that their clients valued so much were still at the core of the broader group’s approach whilst exciting them about the group’s ability to provide a more holistic financial and wealth solutions.

The soltuion


Truly Deeply worked with key stakeholder from the individual businesses as well as the executive team and board to develop a powerful brand proposition that not only aligns the entire group, it delivers compelling differentiation from the major international finance groups.

The new essence of ‘revolutionising wealth and empowering ambition’ is a powerful mantra that is supported by a rich and authentic belief system that connects the group’s unique approach, rich heritage with the challenger mindset and attitude of its client base. The group has also used the new essence to re-imagine wealth services so it’s not just the privilege of the wealthy few, making services such as ‘The family office’ accessible to everyone.


The Findex Group now clearly represents a brand for every stage of the financial journey. The group ethos is also clearly weaved through all the brands, adding value to its diverse and individual brands and every client. This is reinforced by a brand architecture system that allows each brand to standout in their respective market, empowering them to continue to deliver highly tailored and valued services to their clients with the strength and confidence of being backed by a big group.


The group brand endorsement approach clearly demonstrates the shared group beliefs, approach and integrated services that every client can tap into when and how they need.

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Design Solution

The new Findex brand has been carefully crafted to pay respect to the group’s heritage but also represent its bold vision for the future. The original ‘wall icon’ of Financial Index (the group’s first company) has been reimagined to reflect the new brand personality Findex – Ambitious, Disruptive, Inspiring, Confident and Tailored. The new icon shifts from a monotone static wall to become a more dynamic and colourful insignia.

Still confident and secure, there is now a sense of movement and direction that is then reflected in the X of Findex. This is accompanied by a modernised typemark that speaks of the ambition and inspiring nature of the brand and helps to create a unique wordmark to endorse the family of brands.

The brand colours deliberately contrast the sophistication of black and silver with a dynamic orange to emphasise the group’s passion to empower its clients ambition and emphasise an independent and entrepreneurial spirit.

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