Applied. The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.

New name and brand enables leading think-tank to appeal to a broader audience

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering is an independent think-tank that helps Australians understand and use technology to solve complex problems.

The organisation brings together Australia’s leading experts in technology, engineering and science to provide impartial, practical and evidence-based advice on how to achieve sustainable solutions and advance prosperity.

The Challenge

The organisation was previously operating under two brand names with ATSE and Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering. This was causing brand confusion, especially as ATSE was not widely known or understood outside of key industry and government stakeholders.

An esteemed organisation, the Academy is made up of almost 900 Fellows elected by their peers. We needed to protect this brand equity but also transform the brand to become approachable and engaging to the broader community.

The Strategy

Working with key stakeholders and the organisation’s board, we created a new strategic proposition that refocuses the organisation on why they exist and the important role they have in engaging the broader community.

The organisation is now aligned and committed to applying engineering, technology and science expertise to solve the big issues facing our nation in a fast-changing world. The new purpose, positioning statement and messaging differentiate Applied from other think-tanks and build relevance with the broader community.

The new tone of voice maintains their independent and expert potency with a visionary and engaging approach that avoids jargon and complexity. Genuine engagement with the public and the media is now being encouraged with a passion to share knowledge and actively contribute to the big debates.

The Name

Internal and external insight identified that the name, ATSE was confusing, no longer relevant and one of the barriers to growing the brand reach with a broader audience.

The new name ‘Applied’, was chosen as it cuts to the core of the organisation’s brand differentiation, practical approach and core beliefs that they’ve held since the 1970s. The use of Applied with the Academy of Technology and Engineering also helps humanise and the brand and make it more memorable, with the flexibility for ‘Applied’ to become the dominant brand name over time.

The Design

The brand identity design conveys how Applied sees through complex problems to find real solutions. It’s deliberately multi-dimensional, representing the many different perspectives and minds that Applied brings together.

The visual language grows, transforms and weaves around imagery, celebrating that no two solutions are the same and every problem has its own unique challenges.

The unexpected contemporary typeface is juxtaposed with a sophisticated colour palette, balancing the pragmatic nature of Applied with a personable, relevant and ambitious tone of voice.

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