Brand proposition, name and identity for leading ultrasound educator and trainer, Zedu

A leading ultrasound educator since 2007, Zedu provides interactive medical education, specialising in immersive ultrasound skills training.

The Challenge

Originally called Ultrasound Training Solutions, the brand was not distinctive or memorable. With a generic name and identity, the company was also struggling for a truly ‘ownable’ brand that would stand out in the category.

The Strategy

We helped Zedu uncover their compelling point of difference in providing best practice learning that gives health professionals more possibilities and more potential.

The brand proposition included a new brand story, messaging, personality and a new inviting tagline that encourages their learners to “see the difference, be the difference”. This was further reinforced by an invented name that was inspired by the ideas of seeing, doing, and a more personal approach to education.

The brand strategy provides a powerful new direction for the organisation and brings to life Zedu’s passion for education and focus on inspiring their learners.

The design solution

The Zedu identity brings to life the personal approach to learning by highlighting the letter ‘u’ (you) in the Zedu typeface.

The highlight circle represents finding, discovering and revealing new key information much like an ultrasound device does in practice. The new visual language also shifts to focus away from just functional ultrasound images to highlight the learners.

This is complemented by a bright colour palette and bold use of gradients communicate a fresh dynamic approach to ultrasound education.

The new Zedu identity creates a bold statement that clearly sets itself apart as leaders in ultrasound education.


Suean Pascoe, Director at Zedu, says the feedback on the brand has been overwhelmingly positive. “Everyone loves the new fresh look and funky name”.

“It has made us look at everything from a different perspective and with fresh eyes. This has spurred a lot of news ideas and a creative energy in our core team. We knew what the problem was but not how to fix it. The new name and rebrand strategy allow us to positively address the issues and move forward.”

“Truly Deeply were professional, prompt and took us on the journey with them. It is really refreshing to have delivered what is promised and on time! It’s been a reinvigorating process that focuses and stimulates the strategic thinking necessary to take the business forward.

Truly Deeply’s agile design approach worked really well for our team. It eliminated what didn’t work really quickly so that we could get to what we liked and what was working quicker. Having gone through the brand design and development process before unassisted, the discipline of the process forced a focus that would have been impossible by ourselves and that ultimately results in better output that truly reflects what we subconsciously needed.

Truly Deeply have helped us to articulate what we previously couldn’t with purpose and clarity. The final look truly reflects our business personality and uniqueness. Even if it is a stretch, don’t be hesitant to invest your time and resources into the process that Truly Deeply will guide you through. The results will speak for themselves.”

Suean Pascoe
Director, Zedu