Royal Warton

Rebranding Chinese baby formula to standout and hero it’s Australian origin.

A leading Chinese baby formula brand, made in Australia especially for the Chinese market.

The Challenge

Royal Warton has been tapping into the growing demand for Australian baby formula in Australia. However, it was struggling to standout in the highly cluttered local market and was lacking any real brand distinction.

Australian made dairy products are highly sought after in China. While there are several Australian brands available in China, most simply put Mandarin on the packaging. There was a gap for an affordable, high quality Australian made baby formula range, made and designed for Chinese mums.

The strategic solution

Connecting local audience insights with a detailed market review, we crafted a brand proposition so that it heroed the brand’s Australian made credentials and balanced it with what Chinese mums were looking for.

The positioning, messaging and personality was designed to build pride and confidence with Chinese mums. The proposition strengthens their beliefs in the benefits and the quality of Australian dairy products for their baby and the excitement of them being able to give their baby a great start.

The design solution

The new brandmark takes cues from leading family cartoon visual language with a customised font that now gives the brand a distinctive identity. The cloud device helps this further standout and communicate this theme.

This was balanced with a re-imagined and specially crafted illustration of the ‘Warton’ koala character, who is now the ambassador for the brand. The new illustrations of Warton bring the playful side of the brand to life. He also grows up to match the different ages of the product to help mums to choose the right product.

For the pregnancy formula ‘Melody Mommy’ we created a shift in the brand colour and illustration to clearly differentiate between a product for the mothers versus their babies.

Royal Warton is a sister brand to Full Joy. See our brand and packaging work for Full Joy here.

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