A vibrant identity for Ufonik, a new kind of music competition

Ufonik in a new kind of music competition with the interests of the music and the musicians at it’s heart, not selling out for a month’s fame, but rather establishing and rewarding talent for being what it is not what the industry wants or needs.

The Challenge

Create an identity for a new type of music competition that had music and musicians at its heart.

The strategy

We devised a brand personality that brought to life the brand essence of originality sings. The brand needed to appeal to a unique and diverse target audience that spanned across music genres but would feel authentic to all.

The Design Solution

A simple and playful typemark is energised with a vibrant colour palette and dynamic imagery. The ‘U’ puts the musician at the heart of the brand and is used as a graphic element in brand statements and visual language. This is combined with a photography style that used flares to represent the many aspects of musical talent.