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135 Degrees Logo

135° Degrees is a luxury property investment group, marketed to high wealth individuals in Australia and ex-pats in the Asia Pacific region. 135° Degrees owns ultra luxurious holiday homes in the most exotic locations around the world.

With properties in Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, members could experience a range of extraordinary experiences ranging from skiing slopes in the island of Hokkaido (Japan), through to relaxing at Singh Beach (west coast of Phuket) surrounded by the majestic Andaman Sea. The 135° Degrees experience provides the services of a luxury hotel, the exclusivity of private villa rentals and the equity benefits of second home ownership. The 135° Degrees proposition is ‘A life balance investment’.

135° is the angle between the sides of an octagon, the ancient symbol for peace and tranquility. 135° Degrees as a name complements the market proposition of ‘A life balance investment’. As the target market becomes increasingly time poor they seek more extraordinary experiences, blending relaxation with ultra luxurious, understated style. We developed 135° Degrees brand definition, brand identity and communications campaign in harmony with these ideals.

The brand identity developed throughout 135° Degrees communications is equally luxurious and exclusive. Photography focuses on ‘place’ and ‘feeling’ and is packed with exotic colour and texture. Contrasted with a slick black overlay, the visual language is clean, luxurious and contemporary.

135 Degrees Brand Identity

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