Annual report design for pharmaceutical company

Acrux Annual Report

A Year of Delivering Value. We’ve been partnering with Acrux (a specialty pharmaceutical company based in Australia) to design their corporate communications since 2002 when we first worked with them on the prospectus.

As one of the sectors glowing success stories, Acrux has built a reputation for meeting milestones each and every year from start-up phase through to their current commercialisation phase.

2008/2009 was a particularly successful year for Acrux as their trans-dermal drug delivery systems began to return value to the company’s shareholders. Through our annual report communication planning process we clarified the key theme and supporting themes for the business to communicate for the year. We then applied our AR Reporting Framework to refine the communication of all critical information to shareholders and related stakeholders. The result is an annual report that tells a compelling story, delivers key business and brand messages in a format that is easy to absorb and presents all relevant information with absolute transparency.

Annual Report Brand Design

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