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Surgery Assured, an innovative way to access private hospital treatment

Most patients pay for surgeries in private hospitals through their private health insurance cover. However, there is a growing demand for patients who are uninsured or underinsured who want to pay for their own surgeries.

Truly Deeply and Healthscope created a new bundled and fixed price surgery offer that is based on a single fee. Surgery Assured makes elective surgery easy and accessible for patients, whether they have insurance or not. For medical specialists, it gives them more options for their patients to access private hospital care and, ultimately, grow their practice.

Healthscope is Australia's only national private hospital operation and healthcare provider with a network of 42 hospitals and clinics that service every state and territory.


Truly Deeply conducted qualitative and quantitative research with patients and medical specialists. This identified a growing need for a better way for uninsured or underinsured patients to pay for their own surgery.

Medical specialists and patients alike wanted a simpler process, with one invoice and clarity on the total cost.

A number of different product options were then tested with both patients and medical specialists. Building on audience feedback, the product was refined and Surgery Assured is now being trialled in select Healthscope hospitals.

Brand Architecture and Strategy

Working together with key stakeholders across the group, we stress-tested a range of different brand architecture scenarios. After carefully considering feedback from patients, practitioners, staff, and the strategic business objectives, we decided to create a new brand for the product. This approach provides give the new product the prominence it needs to standout and reframe the private healthcare market, with the ability to be supported or linked to Healthscope where it makes sense.

A strategic brand proposition was developed to define and position the new product. Two distinct variations were created to ensure it was relevant and compelling for patients, and also the medical specialists. From this, a series of potent key messages explained the innovative approach as well the key benefits to each audience.

The tone of voice was carefully crafted to ensure the brand reflected a balance of being straightforward, certain, supportive and uplifting. To achieve this we worked closely with Healthscope’s compliance team to ensure we adhered to regulatory requirements whilst minimising jargon and making the information clear, and easy to understand for both patients and specialists.


Building on the brand strategy, market review, stakeholder and audience insights, Truly Deeply created several options for the brand name. The criteria identified the need to create a name that would work with Healthscope but also clearly stand on it’s own to explain what the product is. After several rounds of exploration, refinement and stress testing we settled on ‘Surgery Assured’ as the name.

Surgery Assured hit the perfect balance of building confidence and empowerment in the minds of the audiences. In particular it removes the unknowns and reinforces how Surgery Assured provides certainty in the costs and makes the whole process seamless for both patients and medical specialists.

Brand Identity Design

Using the Healthscope visual language as a starting point and in line with the strategy and insights we created a symbol that had linked the medical (Rod of Asclepius) and financial (a subtle ‘$’ and green colour) benefits of the brand.

Housing the icon in a circle, using the Healthscope brandmark layout, brand font and visual language in layout would all further connect the brand to Healthscope, while making it obvious that while it was a different entity it was as professional and trustworthy as Healthscope.

A series of collateral was then developed for both patients as well as the medical specialists to explain and promote the product. This included a mini website as well as brochures that specialists could share with patients.


Surgery Assured is now being trialled in select Healthscope hospitals. The initial feedback on the new concept has well received by both patients and medical specialists.

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