Enriching aviation for passionate aviators

AVIA Plane

Avia is the new leading brand for Australian aviators. Bringing to life a revolutionary start up business and a passion to become the new benchmark for the aviation industry.


Truly Deeply was commission to define and develop the brand and bring to life the business ambition of its founders.

Specifically targeted to entrepreneurial business owners with geographically dispersed operations, Truly Deeply realised that they have a powerful and common mind-set of ‘make it happen’ and thirst to achieve more that needed to be captured in the brand.

“The brand positioning of ‘enriching aviation’ provides an ambitious mantra for the company to forge new ground, reshape the industry and truly connect with their audience. Avia will champion the benefits of aviation to provide faster and more efficient travel, and ultimately enable its audience to get more out of life”, says Michael Hughes, Director of Brand Strategy at Truly Deeply.


Truly Deeply’s naming process explored a number of possible options for the brand before settling on ‘Avia’. Derived from Aviation, Aviator and Latin Avis (bird), ‘Avia’ is a short and memorable name that commands leadership. The name re-enforces the brand positioning and provides a powerful connection to the industry as well as the people the brand targets.

The brand’s visual identity was inspired by the sense of exclusivity and travel freedom that it enables its audience to enjoy. The creative was designed to appeal to the professional entrepreneur and reflect their expectations and spirit. The abstract aviation metallic imagery encapsulated a romanticised sense of the contrail and a feeling of a premium, effortless and pleasurable experiences. Deep black, silver and white colours, clear indulgent space reinforced the brand positioning and brand essence, ‘Enriching Aviation’.

“The design cues come from premium brand marks as well as aviation imagery. The brand mark represents a sense of taking flight that dynamically evolves into a visual language with textures and contours that showcase a birds eye view of the land as well as the freedom of flying yourself”, says Derek Carroll, Creative Director, Truly Deeply.

Avia currently provides tailored aircraft sales and will eventually provide a range of premium services designed for aviators including rentals, charter, maintenance, training and aeronautical support.

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