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South Melbourne is the proud new home for Ayomo, a new retail brand for frozen yoghurts, cold pressed juices and smoothies. Inspired by a vision of fresh yoghurt infused with real intense flavours, Ayomo creates irresistible temptations for taste appreciators and is set to transform the frozen yoghurt market in Australia.

Owners, Sherie Liang and Marcus Wong approached Truly Deeply with a vision to transform the frozen yoghurt market in Australia. With a new yoghurt shop popping-up on almost every corner they were entering the fastest growing part of the Quick Service Food category. With most of their competitors serving low quality, pre-mixed yoghurts with confectionary-style toppings, Sherie and Marcus needed to clearly differentiate their brand.

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Ayomo needed a brand that could leverage the growing trend towards frozen yoghurt as a healthy treat, but also stand apart in the highly cluttered market. The brand needed to tap into the visual cues of the frozen treat category, but to hero the flavours and define a more premium and engaging customer experience.

Retail brand design

As a food scientist Sherie combines vital understandings of nutritional food properties and an in depth knowledge of flavour to create a product and experience that stands apart. A vital part of the concept is the ‘flavour lab’ where fresh ingredients and nutrients are extracted and combined before being infused with yoghurt to create innovative flavour profiles. This results in yoghurts, cold pressed fruit juices and smoothies that are not only healthier, but also taste unlike any other yoghurt on the market.

Yoghurt flavours include hazelnut, blood orange and rose, the cold pressed juices utilize a gentle crushing and squeezing extraction to protect essential enzymes, nutrients and minerals in the fruit, and feature flavours like; Black Grape & Tangy Pomegranate – a mixture of sweet, sour and tart and bursting with antioxidants. If yoghurt was served in the finest of restaurants – this is what it would taste like.

The brand needed to bring to life the owners’ passion for getting more out of life and the brand pillars of the best fresh produce, a love of food, food science techniques and healthy peace of mind.

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Design Solution
The design for Ayomo brings to life the brand’s personality of premium, artisan and whimsical.

“Luminous cascading spirals of yoghurt inform the visual language in a beautiful and playful way. This is a sophisticated brand that references the cycle of good food cultivation while keeping yoghurt always top of mind. The Ayomo brand is the Foodie’s Frozen Yoghurt,” says David Ansett, Chief Creator of Brands, Truly Deeply.

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Truly Deeply worked with Ayomo to define and create their brand proposition, brand identity, packaging, signage, menu design, stationery, uniforms and environmental graphics. The brand visual language then informed the retail design and online brand properties as well as the flavour and tone of the Ayomo’s social media.

Ayomo opened in August 2013 and has slowly but surely developed a loyal following of mature yoghurt lovers. The brand is creating a new sub category within the frozen yoghurt space, carving-out their own niche for grown-up palettes and lovers of seriously good flavour.

If you are in Melbourne, you can taste the brand and experience their first yoghurt café and flavour lab at 226 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne, or visit their website for more information.


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