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The Centre for Ethical Leadership, Ormond College, University of Melbourne (CEL) conducts internationally regarded academic research and delivers programmes and tools to develop the ethical leadership capability of senior and emerging leaders. The CEL’s work is undertaken in partnership with a range of major organisations in both the profit and not for profit sectors and an extensive network of domestic and international academic collaboration.

The brand strategy and identity developed for CEL communicates equilibrium and strength, with bold, stacked typography balancing on a tilting board. The triangle is a key feature of the visual language and represents ‘cutting through’ the noise of our complex world.


The Challenge
The Centre for Ethical Leadership (CEL) required a unique and contemporary identity.  They required a brand that made them stand apart from other research centres and a brand strategy to guide them into the future. Their new identity had to sit comfortably with the identity of Ormond College while also being strong enough to stand-alone.


The Solution
The brand strategy defines a cohesive brand essence, set of values and personality. The identity reinforces their essence of “ethics for a disruptive world” with a black triangle used to symbolise cutting through the disruption. The identity draws on the developed personality traits of modern, intelligent and confident with the use of bold colours and composition.

Centre for Ethical Leadership Brochure 2




How we helped Centre for Ethical Leadership
Brand strategy, brand identity, website design, pull up banners.

Client testimonial
Truly Deeply are professional, intelligent and engaging to work with. They took the time to get to know the kind of research we undertake at the Centre and intuitively understood the direction of our brand. We found communicating with the team easy and informative and happily recommend their work to others.
– Jennifer Jones, Director of Operations

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