Local government brand identity, collateral and signage design


Truly Deeply created the iconic brand identity and signage design for the City of Stonnington.

The State government in Victoria had just re-written the rules on local government, including new boundaries that combined previous council regions to create fewer, larger local councils. Stonnington was the jewel in the crown in scale, diversity, profile as well as economically.

The new city of Stonnington was truly diverse. Within its boundaries were some of the most expensive retail precincts in Melbourne, as well as some of the hippest. There were an amazing array of restaurants, bars and night clubs. Stonnington residents included the wealthiest homes in Melbourne, but also had areas of council accommodation. Further the city residents span everyone from young families to a spread of elderly residents. Stonnington had beautiful parks and gardens, historic buildings, the Yarra river, skate parks, youth festivals, opera in the park and family Christmas carols – it truly was a city as vibrant as it was diverse.

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Working with the interim commissioners and the newly merged organisation we designed a new visual identity that represented both the tradition and the contemporary aspects of the City, whilst avoiding the visual clichés found in the visual language of most city councils.

Over a period of seven years we worked with all departments at Stonnington developing more than 700 different brand communications including: brand identity; signage programs; sub brands for the different business units of Council; uniforms; customer service centres; advertising templates; web and online presence; event visual identities; annual reports, corporate plans and a range of other corporate documents and presentations; trader group visual identities; and many, many unique and individual pieces of brand communication.



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