Baseline youth services brand identity

Baseline Brandmark

Our work with the City of Whittlesea as their brand communications design agency provided us the opportunity to work on the brand identity for their Youth program.

We ran some brand image research sessions with a range of young people from across the City’s broad population base to establish a consideration set of relevant visual language to inform the project design brief. We also used the opportunity to talk about themes for possible names for the program.

Baseline was the name approved for the program based on ‘a connection to music, it was relevant and current to the audience who felt the name didn’t speak down to them, but connected with them on their level’. We ensured the name would be both current, but also wouldn’t go out of fashion.

Working with a young designer with a relationship to the client, we tucked him under our wing as we developed the visual language for this vibrant brand identity. The final result is a fresh and relevant brand identity that provides an interface for the youth of the City of Whittlesea that is far rtemoved from the conservative, corporate image of Council.

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Client: City of Whittlesea
City of Whittlesea Youth Services naming, brand identity and brand strategy.

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