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Concept Amenities is a proud family business with a huge professional and innovative heartbeat that has become one of the world’s leading creators and suppliers of bath and body products for the hotel and hospitality industry.

From humble beginnings in 1983, Concept Amenities has evolved into a sophisticated global orientated company that is broadening its market reach with each day. Concept Amenities recognised that its increasing presence in 5 star hotels required a 5 star identity that was capable of communicating its passion and expertise for building the equity in the brands of client organisations.


Truly Deeply was engaged to refine the brand proposition of Concept Amenities and express this in the form of a brand narrative and book, that was capable of inspiring and directing the culture of the business. This process in turn framed the critical process of our approach to creating a visual language for the brand that was capable of bringing this positioning to life, in a compelling and evocative manner.

The creative solution focussed on the need to have a timeless, simple sophistication that felt contemporary, luxurious, exclusive, aspirational and bold. The power of indulgence seen as a ‘CA’ was designed to give Concept Amenities it’s own signature mark. Used in collaboration with any brand communication, to represent its trademark of quality, individuality and personal indulgence.

When looking at the supporting visual language of any brand, it must complement the code of the brandmark. But also give it flexibility and another canvas for creative expressions.What we wanted to achieve with a visual language that is nature inspired, was something that reflected the ‘sensory indulgences’ positioning of the brand, providing vibrant layers and immense flexibility. The swirl brings a sense of momentum and forward movement, which is distinctive and elegant. It reflects an organisation that is continually growing and looking to the future.


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