Translating the romance of winemaking to packaging


Truly Deeply worked with Delatite to refresh their brand positioning, identity and packaging and bring to life the true spirit of the brand. The new identity system now provides clear market segmentation but is also aligned into a strong branded family. Designed to reconnect with loyal customers and food industry leaders, Delatite’s new brand positioning celebrates ‘wines with a self-expressive purity’.
After developing the brand strategy and identity for Delatite, Truly Deeply concentrated on the brand’s most critical touch-point, its on shelf presence, the packaging.

The Packaging
The combination of the new Delatite brandmark and handcrafted grapevine D in the visual language now provides a clear family theme that enables clear differentiation but also a sense of brand unity across the range.

The handcrafted grapevine with the letter ‘D’ sits at the heart of the vine and changes on the packaging to suit and differentiate the style and quality of the wine.

“The Delatite brand identity has been consolidated into an obvious family of brand communications that are sympathetic to the brand proposition. Delatite’s new brand look and feel has the right balance of honest hand crafted illustration and premium wine brand visual cues”, says Derek Carroll, Creative Director and Partner, Truly Deeply.


“The development of a single theme across all our labels has been missing since 1986. It has been a long and involved process and Truly Deeply made it an easy one from the outset,” says David Ritchie, Delatite Winery.

“I’m absolutely delighted and proud of our new labels that reflect our values and the importance of our soils, the environment and sustainability to our company and the way we grow grapes and make wine”, added Ritchie.

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