George Calombaris Event Invitation

EO Invitation

An Engaging Piece of Promotional Design. So how do you get one hundred busy entrepreneurs and their partners to lay down the reins of their business for an evening and let their hair down? Well it sure helps if you can grab their attention with an engaging and memorable piece of promotional design.

Members of the Melbourne Chapter of the global Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) are notoriously difficult to drag along to events. In previous years, member attendance typically hovered between 20% and 50%. By working to create more impressive events, engaging members’ partners and developing a campaign of memorable invitations, participation in events has increased dramatically to the point where events like this one at the new George Calombaris restaurant St Katherines in Kew are a sell-out.

The surprise element of the St Katherines event was not just that it was hosted by Chef of the moment GC himself, but also that the format of the space was an open kitchen where guests were treated to our very own, private masterclass. The interactive nature of the evening was communicated suggestively by the invitation piece, which arrived in the mail, and opened to reveal a wooden cooking utensil with the event details strung to the handle. The utensil handles were dipped in orange paint – the brand colour of EO.

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