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Ferve Brand Street Poster

From technology geeks to festivarians, Ferve is the new ticketing brand that not only makes ticketing easy it loves and helps shape festival culture. Truly Deeply creates a new name and brand identity, so eFirst can grow their ticketing business.

Ferve Tickets (previously known as eFirst Ticketing) has been working with festivals in Australia for the past decade. The company is a leader in customised ticketing systems to ensure a smooth, stress-free festival experience – for both organisers and attendees.

Ferve is the ticketing partner for many of Australia’s premier festivals, including the Melbourne International film, Sydney Film, Adelaide Film, Melbourne Fringe, Melbourne Writers and Woodend Winter Arts Festivals. Ferve is also a leader in the development of digital ticketing and smartphone apps that ensure efficient and cost effective booking, promotion and exciting ways for ticket holders to interact and share the festival experience.



eFirst had a strong e-commerce reputation but the business had changed significantly with ticketing now representing the majority of the company’s focus and revenue.

The eFirst brand was limiting the company’s opportunity to grow the ticketing offer – there was a need for a new and distinct brand that could better reflect the company’s ticketing offer.

The ticketing market is highly competitive and fragmented but most are not truly catering to multi-session festival clients.

Festivals are unique in their ticketing needs. Ticketing isn’t just a transaction – it needs to seep into every aspect of the festival experience. With a unique product, designed in consultation with and specifically for multi-session festival environments, the opportunity for the brand is to ‘own’ festival ticketing.

Designed to build a strong connection with both festival organisers as well as festival attendees, a new brand was defined and named: Ferve Tickets.

“Everything from the positioning to the name is all about celebrating the company’s passion for festivals and firmly places Ferve at the heart of festival culture. The name is created from the combination of festival and verve, and is deliberately designed to be a new buzzword for living the festival vibe”, says Michael Hughes, Director of Brand Strategy at Truly Deeply.

“The Ferve team are technology nerds who have a big crush on festivals. The brand positioning for Ferve is all about bringing to life an intuitive synergy between festival organisers and attendees,” adds Hughes.

Design Solution
The new identity celebrates the visual language of theatres, performance and festivals and proudly projects the brand name up in lights with a modern twist.

““Building on the heritage of festivals, our identity design for Ferve references retro stripes and playful graphics of games as well as the visual language of festivals,” says Derek Carroll, Creative Director at Truly Deeply.

““The brandmark revels in the style of modern street culture with a modern clean version of the ‘art deco-esq’ type juxtaposed with a colourful ‘8-bit’ style. It is then projected onto the screen or into the sky, in much the same way that festivals come to life,” adds Carroll.

Truly Deeply provided stakeholder, market and competitor research, a visual decode, brand strategy, naming, brand identity design, website, stationery and collateral design.


“Truly Deeply took us outside of everydayness and made us think about our true identity. During the strategy process, we began to move away from the old idea of ourselves as a technology company (and the coldness of that image) and move to embrace the vibrancy of the industry we service (festivals and events),” says Louise Angrilli of Ferve Tickets.

Ferve Tickets now has a distinct brand and is acting like the category leader that they have always been.

“Festivals aren’t one colour – they are many colours projected into the sky. They are beacons of activity, community, creativity and passion – attracting people like moths to a bright, flickering light. The new brand design articulates those elements and more (there’s just a hint of old-school 80s games design as well – we are nerds at heart), all with utter simplicity”, adds Angrilli.

“It’s hard to imagine Ferve Tickets looking any other way – which is the essence of well-executed design. Truly Deeply provides beautiful design with meaning,” concludes Angrilli.

For more infor­ma­tion on Ferve Tickets, visit ferve.com.au


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