Packaging refresh leads brand revival

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Much loved Australian weight loss brand Jenny Craig had not updated their packaging in many years. As as a result, the packaging looked dated and was disconnected from the market and the brand’s customers.

As part of our brief to improve the Jenny brand experience, we completely re-designed the packaging of Jenny Craig food.

Our packaging design presented not only a fresh visual language loaded with contemporary foodie cues, but also a brand personality statement complemented by layers of valuable information and inspiration for clients.

The challenge

The packaging was highlighted as a critical ongoing brand touch-point for Jenny clients and we needed to ensure it communicated the brand’s proposition in an engaging way.

Jenny’s packs were making the brand look very dated, were not engaging customers and were out of synch with the organisation. During the last decade, community perceptions of health and weight loss have changed dramatically. Jenny’s packaging had not kept up with these changes and was underselling the brand.

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Jenny Craig packaging before the redesign

Jenny Craig was also completely overhauling their food range, so they also needed to reflect not only a change in attitude but also the product.

New packaging was desperately needed to communicate the value of these improvements to Jenny’s customers and as a platform both internally and externally to flag the changes afoot in Jenny Craig.

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The strategy

The packaging needed to:

  • Come from a place of inspiration and motivation (not shame).
  • Create a consistent theme across the entire product range but also be functional to distinguish different products.
  • Reflect a leadership approach to weight loss and present a more aspiration and contemporary brand image for Jenny Craig.

We worked to bring to life the following strategic imperatives through the packaging desig

  1. Take your consultant home – motivating and inspiring clients in their homes.
  2. Answering the cynic – provide answers to frequently asked questions and dispel myths to build confidence.
  3. Project a distinctive brand personality – creating packaging that brings to life a distinctive Jenny Craig personality.
  4. Positive relationship with food – help support the work of the consultant and rebalance the often negative food relationship that clients have with food and reinforce the ‘lessons’ in a positive and aspirational way.

The Solution

Our brand strategy unlocked a number of valuable insights that guided the direction of the packaging design.

Unlike most packaging, there was no need to focus design and pack space for on shelf appeal. All Jenny products are purchased as part of the overall weight loss program in centre, rather than competing for attention in supermarkets. This allowed us to emphasise the real value and most highly rated element of the Jenny Craig program; the relationship with the consultants (their Jenny).

The design effectively extends the one-on-one support clients get from their consultants onto the pack design.

Jenny Craig - packaging re-fresh gives a fresh perspective - Chips 2 Bags

The packaging is now truly representing the Jenny brand experience and weaves the brand into the lives and rituals of clients at every meal and snack time.

As such the packaging acts as the voice of the brand and an extension of the relationship of the consultants in the life of the client at home or work. This insight drove the personality, informational and inspirational elements of the packaging design, creating a platform to inform and inspire throughout the day.

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By first defining and then dialling-up the Jenny Craig brand personality on pack we created a much more engaging palette of visual and written language aligned to the personal and enjoyable relationships between Jenny’s consultants and clients.

The final layer of design strategy was to create a strong ‘foodie’ feel, leveraging the visual cues of cook books and gourmet food brands through typography, photography, layout design and use of colour.

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“We have had an amazing response from clients thanks to the wonderful new packaging designed by Truly Deeply. Not only does our food now look up to date and in line with our organisation but it also educates and inspires our clients at home. Meal time is often the most difficult time for our clients who struggle with making the correct food choices, but by implementing consultant like ‘tips’ and motivational content onto our packs, we are now supporting our clients throughout their entire weight loss journey. We’ve also received feedback from clients that they are now proud to put their Jenny Craig meal on the table, which is an enormous achievement for us and the business.”

Laine Birnbaum, Jenny Craig Australia and NZ Brand Manager

Jenny Craig - packaging re-fresh gives a fresh perspective - Cereals 5 packs RGB

How we helped Jenny Craig

The packaging design was just the first of many solutions we provided for Jenny Craig.

We also worked on developing and resolving a new brand strategy, a packaging design strategy, market review, market research, interim identity visual language, art direction of food photography, production management including liaison with a wide range of printers, manufacturers and packaging producers, creative direction of TVC campaigns, menu design, front of centre design, eBook design, local area marketing, point of sale and signage.


    • Hi Jenny, Part of the challenge with these pack is that they are all produced by different suppliers. The client only has limited control over the type of packs and while recyclability is naturally important, it’s not a definig attribute. So the packs are as recyclable as any packaging is at the moment in Australia, they were but with the state of plastic recycling here now, not so much.

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