Brand and packaging design for Italian cheese

Mamma Lucia Cheese

An Italian Cheese Story. Our initial brief for this project was to develop an Italian story for a range of seven Italian style cheese SKUs. The brand name (now long forgotten) was unremarkable (I mentioned it was long forgotten) with a slight Eastern European feel.

The brand had a foothold in a number of local delicatessens, but the Fresh Cheese Company had negotiated the opportunity to trial the brand in National supermarket chain Woolworths. If we could create a strong enough brand story on shelf to impress the buyers at Woolworths, the Fresh Cheese Company had a winner on their hands.

Buried in the brief was an orphan product to be brought under the new brand – it was a single, unloved cheese line, but with the wonderfully, evocative Italian name of Mamma Lucia.

As soon as we came across the name we new Mamma Lucia was a winner, and in fact should be the hero element on which we built the brand, with all the other cheese lines joining the Italian party over at Mamma’s house. The guys at the Fresh Cheese Company jumped on-board and we designed a new brand identity (which we’re sad to say didn’t make it to the supermarket shelf) and a range of packaging labels for presentation to the big cheese at Woolworths. The rest as they say in Italy is history. Within six months the Mamma Lucia range had been successfully trialed and was being rolled-out as the primary Italian Cheese range throughout both major supermarket chains Nationally.

As we like to say – ‘Thank your Mamma for the Cheese.’

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