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Nava Homes

Nava Homes is a home building company with a proud family history. We worked with Nava to develop their differentiated market proposition and define their brand.

The Nava brand was deeply rooted in their philosophy of building homes to enjoy with the same sense and joy for life as we often associate with the Italian family lifestyle which is expressed by the Nava brand essence as ‘Italian Family Living’. We developed a brand book to help provide clarity for the organisation, that also doubled as a marketing brochure for their clients, telling the Nava family story along the way.

The brand book reinforced Nava’s brand proposition, ‘Italian Family Living’ by introducing the Italian family (the Nardo’s) who are behind the Nava Homes brand. The brand book was developed as a crucial part of the communications campaign and as an intimate and personal exploration of the Nava Homes family business. Life, love and laughter, the book holds the history, traditional family recipes and personal triumphs embedded in the Nardo family. The brand book not only contained the essence of the brand spirit, but also a number of elements of the Nava family lifestyle such as a family recipe for wood-fired Pizza and rules for bocce, that tied-into a series of sales promotions.

We also worked with Nava to transform their marketing strategy from a traditional channel focus of newspapers to a blank canvases focus. As a home builder, Nava had a number of display homes located in display villages around Melbourne. The vast majority of Nava’s marketing budget was spent on traditional newspaper ads, aimed at driving traffic to the display villages their display homes were located-in. The problem was that as a smaller player, Nava’s ads were buried deep in the real estate section of the local newspapers. The first pages were filled with double-page spread, full colour ads from the bigger home builders who’s ads were aimed at guess what… driving traffic to those very same display villages.

There was no way with our clients marketing budget that Nava could ever own the newspaper advertising space – that was a brand canvas crowded with big players. What we identified as a Blank Canvas was the opportunity to own the car parks at the display villages. Our strategy was – ‘Let the big brands drive home buyers to the display villages, but once they arrive, let’s disproportionately attract their attention and direct them to our Italian Family Living Nava Homes.’ Whilst Nava’s marketing budget would never be enough to stand-out in the newpapers, it was ample to make a big splash at the display village carparks – which were relatively Blank Canvases.

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Client: Nava Homes
Brand definition, brand book, and integrated marketing and communications campaign for Nava Homes.

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