RMS Cloud

Rebranding RMS, the leading property management system for the hospitality industry.

RMS is a flexible and intuitive property management system for the hospitality industry.

The company provides customised software solutions for hotels and resorts, motels, holiday parks and apartments. From large multinationals to owner-operators, RMS helps their clients efficiently manage their business, maximise revenue and enhance guest experiences.


Built on a proud heritage of serving the caravan park market in Australia, RMS had grown to become a global business serving the caravan park, motel, serviced apartment and hotel categories. Whilst these markets share a host of similar pain points addressed by RMS, they see themselves as different categories with unique needs best served by a product developed for them.

We needed to develop a brand that communicates a value proposition sharp and relevant enough to span all its market categories, with smart brand architecture and updated brand visual language to better communicate its expertise.


The depth of specialist experience collected over thirty years and applied through product functionality has built a market-leading position for the business, but not one currently communicated by the brand.

For those clients who know the RMS product first-hand, the brand and its image no longer reflect the experience and value of the product. For those prospective clients who don’t know the business first-hand, the brand falls short in the manner it positions RMS and its products.


The new brand architecture strategy provides a strong master brand for the broader hospitality industry but is also tailored through offers and messaging to ensure it is relevant for each sector.

With insights from our audience research, we also redefined target audience segments and provided a new brand proposition that repositioned RMS as intuitive and flexible technology made for hospitality and tailored for each business.

The new brand strategy also provided employees with clarity and direction to deliver on the brand vision with a new essence, brand values, and belief system.


At its simplest, the new RMS brandmark is a moving sun or moon. Based on the most important KPI for its clients, it springs from the idea of generating more stays. More nights, more days are what their businesses need to be successful.

As an evolutionary development, it keeps a connection to the past while celebrating the journey the brand is on. The rings form an optical illusion of depth and movement. Bringing to life the idea of travel and connection.

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