Brand definition for premium bathroom and kitchen retailer


Rogerseller is a luxury, premium interior product design company. In has been in business for over 100 years and is the leader in beautiful and innovative products for bathrooms and kitchens.

With new competition in the market Rogerseller wished to re-establish a differentiated position for their brand. We were engaged to direct them in the definition of their brand proposition, brand essence and values. Once defined we created this A3-sized brand book to translate the outcomes of the brand work for their staff who are responsible for bringing the Rogerseller brand to life ever day.

The brand book has been designed to reflect the beauty and luxury that is evident through all of Rogerseller’s products. The red thread that weaves its way through the book represents the role of the brand, which also weaves through every aspect of the business from product selection, through the brand’s visual language, to Rogerseller’s high level of client service.


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