Brand Identity design for Tropica, a new Fiji Island resort

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Tropica Island Resort represents the realisation of a life dream for Melbourne businessman Rob Cecconi. Tropica today represents the vision Rob had when he purchased a tired and run-down resort on a Fijian island in 2012 with the goal to create a 4 Star haven for relaxing and rejuvinating in the way one can only do in Fiji.


The Challenge
Our brief was to create a brand identity for the resort that captured the friendly, laid-back spirit of Fiji, combined with a level of sophistication that reflected the design and quality of the resort experience and the maturity of the ‘no kids’ market positioning. The brand design had to have the flexibility to faithfully reproduce in ink, embroidery, embellishment, digital and a range of signage applications including being carved into stone and out of wood.


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The Solution
The concept for the brandmark is all about the reef that is so much a part of the Tropica Island resort experience. The fish symbol is based upon the Butterfly fish – the most commonly found tropical fish in the reefs around Fiji and a vivid part of any snorkeling excursion from the Tropica Resort beach. The Butterfly fish brandmark is made-up of several shapes inspired by traditional Fijian symbolism, with a starfish to also reflect the reef and to provide an element to be used to reflect the 4 Star rating of the resort.

The colours in the master brand mark are a sophisticated and refreshing mix of blue tones, the ‘reef-based’ palette representing the water and sky at different times of day. The type design is intentionally restrained and professional, providing an overall feel of relaxation, friendliness and professionalism – a reflection of the resort itself.

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Client Testimonial
“We set Truly Deeply a challenge to create a visual identity which incorporated the key elements of Fiji (sun, sea, sand & sea life), to be visually appealing and most importantly, to emotively engage with the chic, boutique luxury markets of Tropica Island Resort. This unique design was then to carry through to a website which spoke directly to discerning individuals and couples who appreciated the significant value of choosing an adults exclusive resort.

Successfully combining all of these elements, Truly Deeply created an identity which in a few short months saw sales eclipse prior year’s sales figures under previous ownership… surpassing all expectations. Branding is critical to the success and identity of any business and Truly Deeply’s unwavering commitment to understanding the unique essence of Tropica and its world class mantra has translated into a brand that is gaining global recognition.

Direct marketing business increased 27.3% in our first twelve months of operation and we look to considerably surpass this in our second year of operation.  It is not only I that am impressed with the work done to create the brand and identity. Our guests have also spoken up with Tropica being awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence (an industry milestone and highly acclaimed award) for a second year running in 2015”.

Rob Cecconi, Owner and managing Director, Tropica Island Resort Fiji


How we helped Tropica Island Resort
Brand identity, website design, eDM and PowerPoint design, brand visual language design for uniforms, signage and visual merchandising.

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