Brand identity design for venture capital firm

Jag Capital Logo

Differentiated Brand Identity for the Business and Finance Sector. Jag Capital approached Truly Deeply to strategically and creatively develop their brand positioning and identity. Jag Capital is a new venture capital firm with a focus on the energy and mining industries.

We assisted Jag Capital in developing a clear brand definition and differentiated market positioning. We then created this unique and bold brand identity to visually communicate that brand proposition to their audience.

“Brands are managed from the inside-out. It is critical that Jag Capital had razor sharp clarity over what they wish their brand stood for. We always start with the brand’s internal mantra, its belief system. Every action 
of the brand should be a manifestation of this desired brand positioning.

Once we had clear focus on what Jag Capital stood 
for, inspiration for the brand identity flowed from a combination of sources, business growth, mining contours and geographical layering. Wanting to stand out in a somewhat conservative marketplace, Jag Capital took great confidence in our brand expertise. The result as you can see is a brilliant one.”
Derek Carroll
, Truly Deeply Design Director

“Truly Deeply processes to define Jag Capital’s brand positioning and brand identity was extremely effective and seamless. I couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend anyone to use them.”
Graham Van Damme
, Founder & CEO 
Jag Capital



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