Brand culturalisation for employee engagement


When we were engaged to work on the Wizard brand it was a brand in transition from 10 years of successful entrepreneurial stewardship to understanding its role within the structure of its new owners, the global powerhouse GE Money.

Our role was to tease out the DNA of the Wizard brand and articulate in a way that would ensure that it had an enduring life within in a corporate setting. We worked collaboratively with a cross section of the organisation to craft an expression of the brand that both captured the essence of its what it stood for, but also provided everyone in the organisation with an aspirational blueprint for how the brand wished to express itself in the future.


Embodied in the DNA (essence, values, and personality) we articulated for the form of a brand we provided rich examples of how the staff were living the brand, day in and day out. We then generated a range of brand gestures that were bold expressions of the brand, designed to further embed the meaning and understanding of the brand in the culture of the organisation.

“At Wizard we needed to sharpen our focus on the heart of the brand and how to remain truly consistent. Now that we are owned by a global corporate we needed rigour and process around the Wizard brand that was born out of intuition and hand fed through to maturity by the founding directors and staff. After a rigorous process with Truly Deeply we have refined the essence and values of the Wizard brand so it can continue to grow in Australia and to take on the world. Brand science aside, working with Truly Deeply was a joy.”

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