Rebranding Ausregistry to Bombora Technologies


Bombora Technologies Group is focussed on building, managing and supporting Internet solutions for the world’s leading businesses and governments.

Originally known as AusRegistry Group, the company has carved out an enviable reputation as a specialist in the development of high-volume, complex, transaction-based Internet systems during the past 10 years.

As the business evolved, it became apparent that the brand positioning and identity was outmoded and far less dynamic than the organisation.

The previous identity looked like a relic of the first Internet boom, making the company look like a simple domain name reseller rather than an organisation at the heart of the Internet.

The client needed a new name and identity that befitted an organisation that operates at the top levels of Internet hierarchy. We needed to create an identity that would project the essence of the brand and visually establish the credibility and gravitas of the company.

The client wanted a brandmark that brought to life the new name with something cultural or sculptural that clearly distinguished the brand from their competitors and peers. Another layer of consideration was how the brand could reflect the image of an employer of choice to help Bombora attract the best talent in the industry, in particular programmers and engineers.

The more we explored the ever-changing world of the Internet; along with the dynamic nature of the organisation there was a need to project a feeling of dynamism and energy. The brand had to provide strong cues of an organisation for the times, but with a feeling of immediate dependability.

From a strategic perspective, we positioned the brand as the proven performers in mission critical delivery. It was about building robust code but also fluid enough in application to be relevant and suitable to the ever changing face of the Internet. This was defined by their essence of ‘stand up, deliver and thrive’.

In an Internet age of mobility and devices, security and mission critical delivery needs proven capability, the very heritage the Bombora Technologies brand could claim.

Truly Deeply worked collaboratively with the client to explore naming options that aligned to the new brand positioning. Bombora, an idea from the client, was selected from several names as the best option for the brand. An indigenous Australian term for an area of large sea waves breaking over a shallow reef, Bombora represents an incredible wave of energy and opportunity within the Internet world that is now going to be served by Bombora Technologies.

Whilst global in activities and function, the new name firmly and proudly grounds Bombora back to Australia – a theme that was important for the stakeholders.

Design Solution
Truly Deeply took a simple and elegant approach to the design and this resulted in a beautiful visual piece of art. Building on the name’s meaning, Truly Deeply crafted solutions based around the drive and flow created by waves as a transfer of energy.


We ended up with something that has the sophistication of a tailored suit but the simplicity of a ripple. The brandmark is a waveform that is wrapped around itself to form a crown.

The new brand design speaks of the physical nature of the Internet business Bombora Technologies operates in but also the energy of the organisation and it’s team. It moves in colour and energy from a neutral grey to a pop pink while weaving and dipping. The delicate wave crown is underpinned by a clean, no-nonsense modern serif type mark with a delta A to add a cutting edge to the whole identity.

Truly Deeply created a comprehensive brand DNA and positioning, narrative, brand decode, brand identity design, visual language and stationery.

The new Bombora brand has been extremely well received both internally and externally. It has also united and provided a strong direction for staff and directors.

“Throughout our rebrand journey, we learned more about who we are and where we want to be than what we had anticipated. It’s been a cathartic experience for our staff and our directors, which we will translate to our stakeholders and clients alike. We all believe in our brand essence to Stand Up, Deliver and Thrive every day.” Adrian Kinderis, chief executive officer, Bombora Technologies.

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