Jenny Craig

A fresh brand proposition for an iconic Australian weight loss brand

Established in 1983, Jenny Craig is a weight loss, weight management and nutrition company with over 700 centres nationally and internationally. Their weight loss program focusses on providing one-on-one support via weight loss consultants and providing ready-made meals to clients.

The challenge

Jenny Craig needed to appeal to a new generation of weight loss clients but they also needed to ensure they didn’t alienate their loyal clients who have trusted the brand for many years. We needed to inject a modern look and feel while ensuring the brand stayed true to heritage.

The brand had become old, tired and disconnected from the market and their clients. The health and weight loss landscape had changed considerably and was a much more competitive space. Jenny Craig needed refreshed brand communication collateral to continue to engage existing client and to attract new clients. With a huge number of new competitors entering the market it was important to highlight their key differentiator which was their consultants.

The strategy

We created a brand positioning that focused on creating positive relationships to transform the lives of their clients. This translated into positive relationships with food, themselves, their families, consultants etc. The proposition also focussed on Jenny Craig’s number one differentiator the one-on-one support of the consultant.┬áThis was brought to life through new messaging that focused on being real, supportive and motivational at every step of the journey as well as focussing on the consultants themselves.

The brand was about more than shedding kilos they provided education, support and motivational role to the lives of their clients which we wanted to draw out as part of the brand strategy. There was a real authenticity to the brand that we highlighted to show how the brand could empower clients to live the life they wanted to live.

As part of the strategic development we highlighted areas of the brand that we’re not delivering on this proposition and started working to bring this in line.

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The Design Solution

The brand positioning focused on Jenny’s core strength of one-on-one support. This was brought to life through new messaging that focused on being real, supportive and motivational at every step of the journey and real images of consultants to reinforce the authenticity of the offer.

A secondary colour pallet and range of type faces allowed us to dial up the brightness, positivity and motivational edge to the brand. This allowed us to compete with other players in the weight loss market who had a fresh and vibrant approach to their positioning. This approach allowed us some flexibility to connect with clients at different stages of their weightless journey.

To give clients permission to fall in love with food again we dialled up the foodie cues. This was brought to life on the packaging but also on point of sale materials in the Jenny Craig centres.

The results

Jenny Craig now has a distinctive and inspiring weight loss brand with a visual language system that is being rolled out across all brand touch points. The brand has not only been freshened up, it now stands out in a good way and clearly communicates a compelling value proposition. The brand has re-engaged its brand loyalists and is attracting a whole new generation of weight loss clients.

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