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Zuppa is a new casual dining concept that redefines soup as healthy, hearty and tasty meal. It is passionate about changing the food retail sector and providing a new alternative to salads, sushi and other healthier fast food options.

Starting with a Melbourne CBD location, Zuppa is hoping to have multiple sites across Australia in the near future.

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Soup is not considered a proper meal and its normally seen as an add-on, not the main event. We needed to define a new food retail category that builds relevance and demand for high quality, fresh and healthy soup as a real meal.

soup branding


The brand was positioned to appeal to health conscious foodies with a rich brand story that shares the brand’s vision and passion for soup, how it should be made and eaten.

The brand messaging draws out Zuppa’s differentiation of authentic hearty soup recipes that have been shared through the generations; “made slow, served fast” and “with love from everywhere”.

Zuppa Brand

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Design solution

The identity design celebrates the heritage of the fresh ingredients and recipes passed down through the generations.

A stylised postage stamp highlights the cultural sharing of recipes and provides locks the brand messaging into the identity system. The circle is a recurring symbol that references the shape of the soup bowl and the stamp.

The wordmark is a customised font that provides a unique bold, yet sophisticated mark that stands out in the category. The deep green delivers great contrast with the use of copper and blonde wood finishings that combine to give the brand a fresh and modern look.

Zuppa visual identity brandmark logo


How we helped Zuppa
Truly Deeply provided Zuppa with a market review and decode, strategic brand proposition, messaging, brand identity design, packaging design and mood boards for restaurant design.

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“My vision for Zuppa has always been big picture, a chain of soup kitchens serving-up the most delicious, high quality, healthiest soups filled with flavour from all around the world. The right brand and a strong brand identity has always been critical to achieving my business vision.”
“Truly Deeply transformed my goals into a brand with absolute clarity, engaging and powerful messaging and a stunning visual identity, giving me a strong platform on which to build my brand. Being a genuine start up, I was able to tap into Truly Deeply’s operation experience in starting new ventures, this allowed me to gain insight into; accurate costing required for funding and high level strategic advice regarding company structure and staffing”. – Philip Carlei, Zuppa Founder.

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