Creating a brand for specialty car insurance

Just Car Insurance

Owned by AAMI, Just Car Insurance was created to fill a niche of car insurance for drivers considered ‘un-insurable’. Working with advertising agency BADJAR, we developed the brand strategy – Just Car’s brand was built on embracing the very things that made cars and drivers difficult to insure, there-by becoming the expert (and the number one brand) for that part of the market.

Working with the brand strategy and brand personality we designed the Just Car brand identity to reflect the passion of the car lovers who would be the brands most loyal customers. We focused on the symbolism of customized number plates to celebrate those for whom their car is their obsession.


We selected a vibrant blue colour palette that was not just on-brand but also differentiated and ownable within the car insurance market and supported it with a ‘no-bullshit’ palette of brand visual language.



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