Zoak with a new brand identity


Sitting within the Bombora Technology Group, Zoak is a new brand to represent the technical and programming talents of of the organisation. These services are sold to external clients and include software development and infrastructure consulting services.

Bombora Technology Group was previously known as Ausregistry. Read about the Bombora rebrand here.

Following the development of the new group brand, Bombora Technologies, we needed an identity that would sit on par with the Bombora brand. While Zoak shares Bombora’s company values and drive, it also needed to reflect a company that is the leading provider of tailored software and infrastructure solutions.

Given the name, Zoak, we had to create an identity that spoke of a modern, agile development and infrastructure company. It needed to feel part of the same family as the new Bombora identity while not being a simple iteration of it.


Design Solution
The identity is based on an Escher-esk three-dimensional Z. Like its parent brand Bombora, Zoak pulses with energy. “It speaks of the simple progressive, stepped nature of modern software development and the networked nature of infrastructure projects. The new identity features a palette of warm orange that changes to a zingy yellow on a neutral grey, underpinned by a simple clean sans-serif font,” says Derek Carroll, Creative Director and Partner, Truly Deeply.

Truly Deeply developed the brand identity design, visual language and stationery.

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