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Etto, creating a new brand and category for Italian street food. With quick service traditionally limited to burgers, chicken and pizza, Etto is not only another offer, it is reshaping the category and introducing Italian street food to Australians. Truly Deeply partnered with Etto’s founder to help realise a vision, shape the business and create a thriving brand-led offer.

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Gelati Sky 3 Tubs

Gelati Sky is a boutique, premium gelati range. The story of Gelati Sky has a strong personality driven by Gelati Sky founder Paul Scalisi’s memories of growing up in Rome, eating gelati – ‘a world where every moment seemed frozen in an amazing sensory assault and every cloud in the sky made you feel it was about to rain gelato’.

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100 story bag and poster

The 100 Story Building is the brainchild of Jenna Williams, Lachlann Carter and Jess Tran. Williams and Carter previously formed the publishing project for young writers, Pigeon Letters, in which Tran was also heavily involved.

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Spudbar shop front south yarra

Spudbar was founded in Melbourne in 2000, born out of a frustration at the lack of a healthy, great tasting, healthy feed that was quick, convenient and value for money. Read the rest of this entry »

Bounce Entrance Sign

An inspiring new urban playground, it’s a free jumping revolution! Truly Deeply creates the name, brand strategy, identity and environmental design for Australia’s first trampoline universe.

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Inspired Gift Cards

Today we proudly unveil our new brand identity design for Inspired Gift Cards. A new Australian online retailer, Inspired Gift Cards provides an innovative solution to the gift-giving headache, and is just in time for Christmas!

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Najo jewellery brand packaging

Embracing heritage and reflecting design elegance. Truly Deeply helps bring NAJO designer jewellery to life, developing a rich and engaging brand story and showcasing the true and authentic elegance of the brand.

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Atherstone Lend Lease Outdoor

Place brand development, identity, naming, campaign design and execution. Truly Deeply worked with Lend Lease to launch the new brand and campaign for Atherstone, a new community in Melbourne’s west.

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reSparkle Bottles

Australian made and owned, reSparkle is Australia’s first range of cleaning products that are 100% natural, safe and chemical free. reSparkle was founded on the belief that ‘going green’ shouldn’t mean that you should have to compromise on cleaning quality.

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FebFast identity header image

Febfast asks Australians to take a month off alcohol and fund raise to help reduce the impacts of alcohol and other drugs on young people. We worked with the Febfast board to define their go-to market proposition and how they could attract more supporters to raise more money for their beneficiary organisations.

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