Truly Deeply Brand Agency Melbourne - annual charity art exhibition

As a brand strategy and design agency, our best resource is creativity.

Art with Heart launched in 2002 as a way to combine our creative talents as brand designers with a belief that we should each play a part in making the world better.

Using our creative talents to raise much needed funds for local charities, our South Melbourne studio transforms into a one night only art exhibition.

This year, Truly Deeply is supporting StartOut, a local health promotion charity providing regional outreach and mentorship programmes for young people of diverse sexuality and gender (DSG). DSG people in our communities are among the most impacted by poor mental health and have the highest rates of suicidality of any population in Australia[1].

StartOut launched its first support service in 2017 during the same sex marriage plebiscite. Using tech to support young Australians of Diverse Sexuality and Gender, StartOut has developed a unique online mentoring program purely from private donations that provides real role models and mentors to help young DSG reach their potential while reducing the preventable burden of poor mental health.

The service, fully run by volunteers, provides support to those who might otherwise feel they have no one in the world they can talk to.

Local impact

Since Art with Heart began, Truly Deeply has raised nearly $360,000 for local charities. Each year, more than 150 guests from the design community enjoy a night of education, impact and art with a clear aim to fund and support those who are selflessly doing wonderful things in the community.

We have helped 16 small, local charities fund:

Art with compassion

Money is raised through a blind auction of works by artists, photographers, illustrators and sculptures who volunteer their time and resources. Our artists range from well known to novice with many pieces emulating a contemporary Australian feel. Artists are provided a theme based on the charity and fundraising goal for each Art with Heart show.

This year’s goals

Art with Heart 2018 aims to build empathy, compassion and understanding through art.

Through funds raised, StartOut will be able to pay for the training of 100 additional mentors to support up to 300 vulnerable young people where there is need for its services is greatest, especially in regional and rural Australia.

A StartOut online role model is someone to talk to who has been there before and can help navigate the tricky stuff. It’s 100% free, online and always confidential, so people can be free to be themselves.

Hear from some of them in this video:

If you would like to be involved as a contributing artist or receive an invitation to the event contact [email protected]