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Bounce launches in the Middle East
The Free Jumping Revolution hits Dubai

Truly Deeply is proud to see another one of our brand creations take on new markets. This month, Bounce Inc continued their brand expansion with the launch of the free jumping revolution in Dubai.

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Asos brand launch

Are Australian retailers really committed to online shopping?

With online shopping specialists continuing to grow and evolve their offer, many Australian retailers still seem to be struggling to accept the new reality. But there are some standouts.

What are the expectations for online shopping and who are the best and worst retail brands to shop with online?

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Etto Street Pasta – Delicious Brand Creation.
This month’s edition of Marketing Magazine features a double page spread showcasing Truly Deeply’s brand strategy and design work for Etto. A delicious and creative venture founded by Truly Deeply’s Peter Singline & David Ansett, Etto has provided us a great opportunity to walk a mile in the shoes of our clients – whilst demonstrating that with the right mindset, any business can develop a killer brand, regardless of size or budget.

Read the full case study in this month’s Marketing Magazine or online at or view more after the jump, or get in touch if you’d like to find out more. We’d love to shout you a plate of pasta and show you the deliciously tangible outcomes of our branding process.

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KOOL10622 EDM V2

Truly Deeply unveils its brand strategy and design work for Koolaman, Australia’s leading hand-stamped jewellery brand.

Koolaman Founder and Director Lisa O’Keefe, says that working with Truly Deeply has been an incredible journey. “They have not only created a beautiful brand that truly represents our unique jewellery but they have captured our spirit and crafted a powerful brand story that really resonates with our customers, inspires our team and provides direction for our business to grow”.

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SPC social media campaign

When the federal government refused to inject $25 million of taxpayer’s money into SPC Ardmona, many felt this was the beginning of the end for this iconic Australian brand.

But following a groundswell of support from customers through a social media sales are up and the Victorian government has come to the country’s rescue.

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Brand internship in Australia

Maxime Terberg travelled from the Netherlands to Australia to complete a six-month internship at Truly Deeply. In this guest post she shares her experience at the agency and thoughts on Australia as a brand.

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Doomsayers continue to claim retail is suffering its worst conditions for decades. But in the unlikely market of stationery – where traditional newsagents have been disappearing across the country – one retailer is booming.

Smiggle is a great example of a brand that has reset its category. Driven by a strong vision, clearly defined brand proposition, distinct identity and deep connection with its audience, Smiggle is a standout brand.

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Australia day is here for another year, along with painted faces, flag flying, boxing kangaroos and, of course, companies trying to leverage patriotic feelings for their brand’s benefit. Coles and Woolies are fighting it out to prove who is ‘more Australian’, Vegemite has renamed their famous spread to ‘Australia’ and Lamb has again released their annual Lambassor, Sam Kekovic, for another ripper viral session – this time trying to get him the number 1 on the pop charts.

But this year, it is Wine Australia that has caught my attention with their idea to ‘de-stride’ those drinking foreign vino.

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