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Making Sweet Brand Music Together
There’s nothing so rewarding as the point in a brand project when the client picks-up on the definition work we’ve completed and begins to bring it to life in their own way, putting their own stamp on their brand communication and taking control of their brand’s destiny.

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The Code of Great Annual Reporting
For 20 years we have been developing corporate brands and communications. Our work has seen
us decode much of the brand and corporate communication landscape, working for businesses across all sectors operating in national and international markets.

AR:ReView is the culmination of us turning our decoding methodology towards defining the a market oriented criteria for creating annual reporting content to global best practice standards.

As we lead the thinking for our clients on their brand definition and communication, we see AR:ReView as a natural extension of how their brands connect with their shareholders and stakeholders, answering the questions:
• How can shareholder reporting be more informative
and accessible?
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Man in a Beret

Man in a Beret 1895 Pablo Ruiz Picasso

A Lesson from the Master
Last week I was lucky enough to find myself in Barcelona, one sunny afternoon at the Museu Picasso. Walking the halls of the gallery, admiring the craftsmanship and creative evolution of one of the greatest artists of all time, I was struck by one thing more than any other; Picasso’s ability – even from a very early age – to put paint onto canvas with life-like accuracy.

When we think of Picasso, we typically think of his colourful and imaginative cubist work. Those paintings are without doubt what Picasso is most famous for and most widely remembered by. But what I was reminded of as I walked around the gallery, was how much Picasso’s painting style had evolved through his many years of painting. The art Picasso created in his early years under the tutelage of his art teacher father was of a distinctly classic style.

Learning to Paint
The young Picasso’s ability to capture realism, detail, texture, light and mood was astounding. But what struck me most was the realisation that before he was able to express his vision in a new and unique style, Picasso first had to master the basics, to capture the essence of his vision with absolute clarity. Read the rest of this entry »