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Truly Deeply Director of Brand Strategy, Michael Hughes was quoted in the press this week regarding his views on the impact to the News Corp. brand of the current media hacking scandal in the UK.
News Corporation’s brand is likely to be tarnished by the findings of the British hacking report but brand experts say the breadth of the business will buffer it against the impact outside Britain.

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We all know that sometimes life doesn’t exactly live up to our expectations. You come to realise that you have to enjoy
the good times and work through the bad. Yet, sometimes when you are in the eye of the storm it’s really hard to see past the clouds. I myself am going through some changes in my life. As a positive person I try to keep my spirits up but like everyone I could always use a little reminder that things will eventually work out, and that is just what the experience
of these little handmade worlds do.

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Beautiful, Evocative Brand Story Telling.
When the Ace Hotel decided to open in NYC they commissioned illustrator/designer Timothy Goodman to create a unique mural for the new hotel. Timothy joined a rather exclusive group of illustrators who have done-so previously for this hip hotel brand.

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Every Gesture is an Opportunity to Create Meaningful Brand Communication
I’ve previously written about my memorable brand experience staying at Casa Camper in Barcelona. This morning I received an email from my friends at Casa Camper and the picture of Casa Camper in Berlin caught my eye. The architecture of the hotel itself has become a part of the brand experience. The room numbers prominently visible on the windows create a wonderfully theatrical, random checker board, but the placement of the restaurant, and specifically the sense of a communal, shared dining experience speak of the brand and sense of place the folks at Camper are wishing to project. It’s enough to make me wish Ich bin eine Berliner.
With apologies to all Berliners for my butchering of your fine language.

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An Ice Cream Van for the Brand Experience Age
Unilever have created an ice cream vending machine for the new age of brand experiences.

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A Standout Creative Campaign
There’s plenty of talk about the changing face of advertising. Every day I read about the fragmentation of markets, of channels, of brand messages, of how the task of connecting to consumers is becoming more and more challenging. And then you come across an example of an ad that has so effectively risen to those challenges, it simply reminds you that creativity is the answer. A work colleague sent this absolute ripper of an integrated campaign for Heineken to me today.

YouTube Preview Image

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