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As regular readers of the Madly Blog will be familiar with, we’ve been full of praise for Vinomofo’s bold use of language. It has not only disrupted the category, it has an emotional bond with its audience that most brands would be envious of.

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I won’t lie; we here at Truly Deeply do enjoy a tipple. Some of us more than others. As a studio, we’ve well and truly climbed aboard the addictively awesome wine deals bandwagon that is Vinomofo. We’re hooked. Not just because the wine is great (and it really is, I keep waiting to be disappointed, but after the eleventieth case I’m yet to experience buyer’s remorse) but the real clincher is that the brand is just so damn enjoyable.

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There is nothing like some summer holidays to catch on reading the books one has accumulated. Grow, by Jim Stengel, is one such book. It is a book based on 10 years of research into more than 50,000 companies to identify the things that the fastest growing companies have in common. Stengel found the common denominator to the 50 brands that rose to the top was great clarity around their respective brand ideals.

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WestJet Christmas Video

Canada’s WestJet airlines is spreading a bit of holiday cheer and brand engagement online this week, thanks to a “Christmas miracle” video.

Published on the 8th December the video has seen upwards of 16m views and is growing hourly. In the two hours that passed while this article was being written views went from just over 15M to over 16M.

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Earlier this year, Skype launched the Stay Together Campaign: an online call to action for real people to share their stories about how Skype lets them stay in contact. As is always the case with ‘real’ stories, the emotions runs high, even in the over produced world of made-for-Internet video. Campaigns of this nature frequently run the fine line between emotional resonance and too heavy handed, but Skype’s fourth installment packs a punch.

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If you are a fake, declare it and own some brand authenticity

At our E3 global network agency network meeting in Duisburg Germany last week we explored a theme around the Power of Origin in branding. We had a variety of speakers covering topics from place branding to storytelling and everything in between. One topic relevant to most brands (or should be) was ‘Authenticity’. Professor Michael Beverland from the University of Bath shared with us the seven habits of iconic brands when building brand authenticity.

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Brand voice HotelsWeLove Think Play Sleep, launched in July, is a great example of an online listing, made exceptional by the quality and consistency of brand voice and design. A personal project run by Laurence Billiet and Rachael Antony, offers hand picked content from around the world in the form of art, books, hotel reviews and bespoke itineraries. Profiling 10 cities, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Istanbul, London, Marseilles, Milan, New York, Paris and Shanghai, is set to remain a quality resource for travellers worldwide, thanks to well considered content, tone of voice and design. Read the rest of this entry »


Driving into the studio yesterday I was struck by a large piece of graffiti on Montague St. Living up north close to a rail line I’m used to seeing large, great pieces of street art. This one stood out because, well, this part of South Melbourne is pretty industrial, and while there the usual urban graffiti, it’s not normally this bold and colourful.

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Legendary Japanese Sushi Chief Jiro Ono is considered the world’s greatest Sushi chiefs. Japan has declared him a national treasure and his humble 10 seat restaurant located in a Tokyo subway station has been awarded 3 Michelin stars. At 85 he is the subject of a documentary film by David Gelb. A story of working life, family and the quest for culinary artistic perfection.

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The Kiwi Sceptics is part tourism campaign, part airline campaign and part dig at stubborn Aussies. The premise is to take Australians with unfavorable opinions of New Zealand and trick them into traveling across the ditch to change their minds. It is a lovely case of well executed brand story telling, twisting cliches and misconceptions, all told through the eyes of characters that are easily related to and reflecting stereotypes that are at times scarily honest (for an Aussie). The campaign is by Air New Zealand, but you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a New Zealand tourism piece, which is an interesting platform, leveraging creative brand positioning, Air New Zealand is promoting and supporting their own national identity, their own people and their own culture, which is a lot more than some national carriers some can boast.

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