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Branding Father's Day 2014

With Father’s Day coming up in Australia, it’s another chance for retail brands to get us to spend. Who do you think is doing a good job of connecting their brand with Father’s Day?

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Three gets brand power thanks to a girl, her kitty and Starship

English Telco ‘Three’ has the commercial of the moment and it is doing wonders for their brand. A little girl riding her bike and singing with her cat to Starship’s classic, “We built this city” has now been shared by close to five million people…

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An ad waiting to happen

While browsing one of my favourite sites over the weekend I came across this beautifully simple movie. [youtube 3i-zYdOPG2k nolink]

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Baygon Ant Protest – A Sticky Viral Brand Campaign

A Neat Piece of Brand Story Telling When considering how to promote their insect spray, Baygon in Brazil took a fresh approach. What started as a great TVC campaign idea turned into a genuine guerrilla campaign, which when shot became a viral campaign. Sounds like…

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