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AirBnB finds-out how tough it is to get your branding right in China

The bumpy road for brands launching into China Recently Airbnb Co-Founder Brian Chesky announced via Twitter that his company has a new Chinese name; ‘Aibiying’. Aibiying is a clever localized brand name which sounds like the Western original, but translates in Mandarin to “to welcome…

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The 4 biggest mistakes Western brands make when entering China

Getting it right in China. Our good friends at Adsmith China have put together a list of the four most important things for Western brands to consider when entering the Chinese market. For all but the most informed brands, China is a market with great…

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7 Tips for launching your brand into China

7 Business Tips for launching your brand into China Getting a foothold in China is no easier now than it has been for centuries. Culture, the way business is done and the speed of change combine to make China the most challenging of markets globally.…

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