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An imaginative brand retail installation from Aesop

The Australian skincare label Aesop continues to be innovative in the retail arena with it’s beautifully considered instore sensory installations. Last weekend I happened to be walking down Gertrude St Fitzroy and came across a floor of Autumn leaves in the local Aesop store. Not…

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Retail Branding – Aesop & Lucy McRae create the film: Morphe

Aesop has commissioned artist Lucy McRae to create a short film for the relaunch of the website. The film explores “science and beauty in a speculative tale that embodies thematic aspects of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Charles Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty.” Is a very interesting piece from an…

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Retail Brand Theatre Part 2 – Localising Chain Store Design

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about how retail brands have been fighting back to try and recover some of the territory they have lost with the rise of e-commerce by introducing retail theatre to their customer experience.  This blog follows on…

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Aesop brand extension with personality

Aesop has teamed up with the french APC fashion brand to create an awesomely daring brand extension. Post Poo Drops! What appeared to many to be an April fools joke is an actual product, available from both APC and Aesop stores. As a continuation of…

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Art with Heart – 10 Years of building a brand with social responsibility

Truly Deeply Brand continued Social Responsibility Last Wednesday night saw us at Truly Deeply kick off of our Tenth Annual Art with Heart charity art show. This year we had 40 artists who generously donated a whopping 90 paintings/artworks to raise money for  Swags For…

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New Retail Theater – 7 of the World’s Best Store Designs

Welcome to the New Retail Era The world of retail is changing more rapidly than ever. On-line stores compete with off-line stores, fashion boutiques feature new ranges every month, and it seems almost everything can be made in China for next to nothing, creating undifferentiated…

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