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Truly Deeply rebrands BirdLife Australia

New brand proposition and identity helps national bird conservation charity grow and activate its member base.

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Brand name renaming, 3 ways to rename.

Brand naming can be hard, but it’s easy compared to brand renaming. Brand naming: coming up with a strategic, relevant and available name for a new company, product or service is challenging. Engaging stakeholders and bringing them on a journey, getting buy-in on preferred options…

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Truly Deeply refreshes Canberra Shopping Centre brand

New visual language and teaser campaign for Hyperdome shopping centre Truly Deeply has developed a new visual style to re-engage the local trade area and excite tenants. The brand refresh gives the shopping centre a much needed update to its image and builds excitement around…

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UK kills tobacco brands

Following Australia’s lead, the UK introduces plain packaging laws for tobacco All advertising and branding of cigarettes is now banned in the UK. This follows similar laws introduced in Australia in 2012. For big tobacco brands, this is a massive challenge. They’ve effectively had almost…

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