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Federer and Uniqlo, an unlikely new brand partnership?

Things were remarkably different at Wimbledon last week when Roger Federer stepped onto centre court for his first appearance of the tournament, surprising us all by wearing new sponsor Uniqlo. Swapping his signature RF brandmark and ‘swoosh’ for the Uniqlo red squares in a lucrative…

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Coopers Clear Muddies the Brand

Brand Aligned Product Extension – It’s not Rocket Surgery There’s no doubt product line extension is critically important to engage with an increasingly splintering consumer market. For many brands, going to market with the same handful of products with broad appeal is a sure recipe…

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Amarillo continues to trash their brand

After finally conceding that their brandmark was a rip off, Texas town, Amarillo continues to trash their brand with their latest solution; a logo competition. Now, with hundreds of logos being submitted and continued ridicule, the city continues to get the world’s attention for all…

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